Shan refined palm oil was created in the year 2008, its creation was a breakthrough for our group as we were catering to households only with our other popular edible oil brands, institutional sale was the utmost requirement for our growing group to take a leap ahead in completing its product portfolio. The creation of Shan refined palm oil was a challenge for our group to select the perfect edible oil for the commercial and institutional culinary applications, that can withstand heavy and deep frying and yet remain stable and healthy for the consumers and also provides the required vitamins and anti-oxidants required for human body even in the junk food form. So Palm oil, containing tocopherols, tocotrienols anti-oxidants and vitamins was screened among a group of commercially available edible oils. As junk foods constitute about 10% of the daily diet of modern urban population with the result health remains at the back-lash. So, food fried or cooked in Shan refined palm oil maintains its nutritional value and also provides essential fatty acids along with oil soluble vitamins and anti-oxidants in abundant form. Shan Refined palm oil is processed, packed and marketed with utmost care in its quality and packaging.

Processing of Shan Refined Palm Oil:  
At our manufacturing unit, imported crude palm oil processed through the state of the art imported processing plant with world class technology from international technology suppliers and is completely PLC based processing. The art of manufacturing through hygienic plant enhances its shelf life and maintains its inherent vitamins and anti-oxidants. This vitamin rich refined palm oil is stored and packed in world class packaging unit untouched by hands that makes it the ultimate choice of households, hotels, snacks manufacturing and restaurant industry at large.
Specification Nutritional Value
  •  Palm fruit oil provides the same "hard or solid" fat that is required for pastries, cookies, crackers and other items that require long shelf and stability.
  •  Palm fruit oil is rich in antioxidants.
  •  It increases 'good' High Density Lipoproteins, compared to other saturated oils, such as coconut oil.
  •  It is Enriched with natural vitamins.
  •  Cooks food tastier.
  •  Ideal for deep frying and snacks preparation.
  •  Food Cooked in SHAN RBD Palm Oil retains its natural flavor and nutritional Value

Approx. nutritional information per 100gm

1. Saturated fatty acids : 49g
2. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids : 39g
3. Poly-unsaturated fatty acids : 12g
4. Energy (Calorific Value) : 900Kcal
5. Carbohydrate : 0g
6. Protein : 0g
7. Cholesterol : 0g


Available Stock Keeping Units
1Lt. Poly Pouch
15Kg Tin Pack