MAANIK refined soyabean oil was an idea conceived in the year 1999 to propagate use of unsaturated oils in Indian masses, after thorough in-house and market research vis-a vis meetings with renowned dieticians, to cut down the intake of saturated oils for a particular market segment with sedentary life style. As we grow, modernise and started living stressful sedentary life style, we keep on developing obesity, so here comes the role of unsaturated oils in our daily diet. As at NCML Industries Ltd. we manufacture, pack and market edible oils, we keep on track of health related issues and consider it our core social responsibility to deliver the best suited edible oil for different walks and segments of consumers. MAANIK is designed, developed and manufactured in alignment with the need of executive life with very less physical work to cut down the accumulation of saturated fatty acids in the body. The elegance of MAANIK is in its selection, manufacturing, processing and hygienic packaging in a HACCP and ISO-22000 certified plant. Its toss of frying and garnishing makes the product savour of relishing recipe. MAANIK is packed with health, trust and hygiene with following health benefits:

Available Stock Keeping Units
500ml Pouch
500ml Pet Bottle
1Lt Pet Bottle
1Lt Pouch
2Lt Jerry Cane
5Ltr Jerry Cane
15Kg Tin Pack
15Lt Tin Pack
15Lt Jerry Cane

Processing of MAANIK:  
MAANIK, refined soyabean oil is processed in most modern, hygienic and state of the art refining plant with world class processing technology and international class of security filtration, micro and polish filtration followed with HACCP controls under sealed filling and packaging system, untouched by hands throughout the processing. The micro filters and security filters in the processing makes it ideal for food applications, in addition to high level of hygiene management in storage of packaging material. After filling, to ensure the non-tempering of bottles, it is sealed with thermal wad, so that it reaches its customer with the same hygiene and quality as it was processed.
Specification Nutritional Value
  • Rich in unsaturated and essential fatty acids
  • Ideal balance of essential fatty acids
  • Is absorbed less in food
  • Good for controlling bad cholesterol
  • Ideal for maintaining good cholesterol
  • Food Cooked in Manik Refined Soyabean Oil retains its natural flavor and nutritional value
  Approx. nutritional information per 100gm
1. Saturated fatty acids : 14g
2. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids : 23g
3. Poly-unsaturated fatty acids : 63g
4. Energy (Calorific Value) : 900Kcal
5. Carbohydrate : 0g
6. Protein : 0g
7. Cholesterol : 0g


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