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Our History


One thing that has never changed since the incorporation of the company is its objective, which is to fill the void of an underserved market and to do so with the best of our abilities. Back in 1966 also we were committed to plug the deficiencies of the economy and till today it remains the prime motto of the group.


With Mr. Rajnish Jain (presently MD) and Mr. Manish Jain (presently Director Operations & Marketing) joining the business in 1986, the process of corporatization of the business started. In 1996, NCML was reincorporated as a Private Limited venture. As a result, the operations were further scaled up. By the year 2003-04 the company started the import of edible as well as non-edible oils under FTAs from countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and UAE.


In the year 2007-08, the group made strides towards forward integration by marketing import quality edible oils under the brand names ‘Maanik’, ‘Moti’ & ‘Shan’. These brands enjoy a strong presence in large parts of North India today. The company has plans to extend these brands to other markets in India as well.


In keeping with its vision of meaningful growth and expansion, the group diversified its business interests by investing in the wind energy sector in Tamil Nadu in the year 2007-08. The Company has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board for the sale of electricity generated out of the project and is planning to invest further in capacity expansion projects in renewable wind energy sector in future.


In 2010, NCML took another leap by getting reincorporated as a Limited Company. NCML Industries Limited is just a beginning of many new things to come. But those who know us know that the values, the vision & the mission that we stand for have remained the same all along and will continue to guide us through our future endeavors for years and decades to come.