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NCML group is committed towards its business principles. These principles not only drive the business decisions of NCML group, but also form its pillars of strength.


NCML has realized its long-standing dream of setting up an edible oil refinery, the capacity of which has been enhanced to 700 TPD. NCML also plans to foray into premium oil segment, such as olive oil and its lends. NCML is also planning to introduce belated oils, which are high in nutrition and pocket-friendly. A part of NCML is working towards diversifying into value addition chains, such as oleochemicals and FMCG products. And, NCML is also planning to enhance its captive power production.




NCML aims to increase its visibility across India, within the next 10 years. The company has plans to setup a refinery in the vicinity of a seaport in India, with a capacity of 1000 tons per day, to take care of the demand that will arise from such an expansion.




NCML is keen to diversify into the following domains over the coming decade.

  • Study oleochemical properties of edible oil: oleochemical derived from edible oil can be used to manufacture biodiesel, soaps, and other personal-care products.
  • Clean Energy: NCML is committed towards reducing its carbon footprint on Earth and emerge as a player in the growing carbon credit market. The company has a vision to increase its clean energy capacity (windmills) to 25MW within the next five years.
  • Buy plantations in Malaysia: In a bid to deal with the volatility of edible oil prices in the global market, NCML has long-term goals to own palm plantations in Southeast Asia. This may take shape as a joint venture (JV) with some of the south-eastern oil exporters.