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NCML Industries Ltd is one of the leading Edible oil Importers in India.


NCML offers a range of edible oil products to meet the varied needs of Indian consumer market under its three premium brands, namely- Maanik, Shaan and Moti. All products from the house of NCML stand for their good health and good taste. The key factors responsible for bringing such superior products in market are NCML’s stringent quality checks, its process which keeps the natural nutrients intact in the product and its superior packaging.


Maanik & Maanik Gold:
Maanik Refined Soyabean Oil is a premium refined oil brand from the house of NCML edible oils. Maanik which literally means Ruby, stands for the quality, the pedigree and the taste of our product.

Moti & Moti Lite:
Moti its literal meaning is Pearl, which signifies the brand's purity and quality. Moti Pure Mustard Oil is for those who like the tangy and zingy taste in food. Moti Pure Mustard Oil is extracted from finest mustard seeds and followed by processes which help in retaining the natural nutrients, flavor and aroma of mustard. Because of this Moti Pure Mustard Oil not just improves the taste of the food cooked in it but also stimulates appetite. Pickles made with it stay fresh for a longer time while retaining their flavor.


'Shan'– is the brand under which NCML's house of oils has come out with premium quality edible Refined Palm Oil.